What is Cydia?

So are you exploring on it ?

But you are still looking ?

Here we are, let’s make a discuss.

Firstly you need to know a bit about this amazing litle guy.

From here we are going to give you a full description about Cydia.

Cydia App Features.

Cydia is developed by Saurik(Jay Freeman).

And we can introduce Cydia as the best third party unofficial app store with jailbreak Tweaks.

This is the only way that you have to change your iOS device’s every software aspect.

  • Cydia contains Twaeks as well as modifications that you can apply to change your iPhone/iPad every part.
  • Using Cydia you can change your device appearance with new themes.
  • New lock screen functionalities.

Moreover Cydia is the only way that all iOS device users have. to break Apple’s software restrictions for free.

Why you should Use Cydia ?

There are many reasons to use Cydia.

Before you are going to know about them,please read following things on Cydia.


iOS jailbreak is the only way that you have to get Cydia on your device.

After you are following a compatible jailbreak on your iOS firmware,you will be able to download and install Cydia.

iOS jailbreak is the process of removing iOS software restrictions.

Is Cydia legal ?

Yes indeed.

Cydia is a 100% legal app.

So you may have gained enough overview about Cydia and iOS jailbreak.

Now its time to do it practically.

Practically what ?

Its iOS jailbreak.

This is not a complicated process.

Just find out a compatible jailbreak tool on your iOS firmware.

Then follow the guidelines.

Ultimate jailbreak guide

Please use the Cydia download button to get into our jailbreak guide.

Select your iOS firmware.

Now follow the instruction.


01:Importantly you must follow the precautions.Take a backup of your device with iTunes/iClouds.

02:Use a fully charged device.

03:Required a stable & fast Wi-Fi connection.


In conclusion Cydia is the only way to use Third party apps/games on your Apple device.

Legal way to do things on your iPhone/iPad.

Enjoy yourself this app and share your ideas with us.

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