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Why you should keep your AirPods clean?

  • According to experts, wearing AirPods and earphones might cause health problems including earwax buildup, ear discomfort, and tinnitus.
  • It is vital, they say, to let your ear canals breathe after utilizing these gadgets.
  • Experts also advise that these earpieces be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Despite our best attempts to maintain good personal hygiene in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, there are still certain common things that many of us fail to clean.
  • According to experts, AirPods and earbuds are frequently ignored when it comes to periodic cleaning, which might put users’ health in danger.
  • Earwax buildup, ear discomfort, tinnitus (ear ringing), and fungal and yeast infections are all possible side effects of not cleaning your earphones.
  • Experts point out, however, that if you understand the essentials of earbud maintenance, maintaining your ear health is simple and quick.

The casings become scuffed up in your pocket or purse, and there is also ear wax to contend with. Whatever the reason, those lovely AirPods and their charging cases get filthy quickly. Here is how to deal with it.

How to keep your AirPods clean.

  • Perhaps you consider an iPhone 11 as a business tool and are not concerned with keeping it looking brand new. You will have to deal with the fingerprints on your iPad, too, because they’re only visible when the screen is turned off, which it never is. However, you must and desire to maintain those AirPods clean.
  • After all, you are always putting them in your ears. Those AirPods become filthy, and then you put them in their charging case, which becomes filthy as well.
  • You can buy a case for your AirPods, or even a case for your AirPods Pro, but that will mostly protect them from scuff marks on the outside. It is not earwax.
  • Cleaning any version of the AirPods, or their case is fortunately not a long process – even if that is partially due to the fact that there’s nothing to scrape at.
  • It is not necessary to scrub. In fact, what you must not do to certain items is more essential than how you clean them.

What you should not do?

  • Never run them underwater 
  • Never use a pin to work ear wax detritus lose 
  • Never get any liquid in the speaker grill or microphone
  • Never put anything at all in the charging ports at the bottom of the AirPods

What you should do?

Clean your AirPods Charging case:

  • Wipe the casing with a gentle, dry, and lint-free cloth. Lint does not like Apple gear, and anything abrasive is just as likely to harm it as it is to displace the dirt.
  • However, moderate cleaning may not be enough to bring these cases back to their former brilliance. You may do one more thing if there is any type of stain on it or if wiping does not seem to help.
  • You can try cleaning the casing with the same lint-free towel slightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol this time.
  • If you do this, take extreme precautions to avoid getting any of the liquid into the charging case’s perforations.

The first step is to wipe them down, which you should do with your cache of soft, dry, lint-free towels once more — and always. Cleaning the stem and earpiece is usually enough, but you also have microphone and speaker grills to clean. You can not do much with the microphone since it’s so little, but the speaker grill, which goes in your ear, is a different story.

It is not only a greater target while cleaning, but it’s also a bigger surface that’s more prone to gather dirt and wax. They are also the most sensitive areas, so clean them with care. You will need to do more if they get dirty beyond normal wear and tear, if they are exposed to detergent or sun lotion, or if you drop them in your meal.

Do not re-insert them into the charging case. If you put the AirPods back in there, you will only propagate the problem to the case. Keep them out instead, both while washing and while they dry. The speaker grill is what makes AirPods sound so fantastic, but it is also what gets blocked up the most.

Do the following for the stems, earbuds, and the majority of the AirPods.

  • Using a wet towel and fresh water, softly dampen the AirPods.
  • Immediately dry them with a gentle, lint-free cloth.
  • Allow time for them to dry.
  • Do not use them until they have completely dried.
  • Only the speaker and the microphone remain. Clean them with a dry cotton swab.
  • When cleaning your AirPods, be gentle with them. However, if you handle them gently while using them, you should be able to keep them looking new for longer.